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"I have had the honor of having Erin as both a vocal coach and as a Director and Producer of several theatrical productions.  She brings her extensive theater experience into the vocal studio and can work with her students on delivery as well as vocal techniques. She is very strong in recognizing and drawing out each individual person's strengths while working on areas of improvement.  She has a great sense of humor, is very positive, and a very creative sense about her.  Highly recommend."

"Erin has a unique ability to explain exactly what you need to do to get the best sound possible for any type of song. She has EVERY song known to man at her disposal, and is FANTASTIC at song choice for auditions, and if you have something come up last minute, she does her best to get you in so you feel prepared. At a recent performance of mine, multiple people came up to me afterwards, asking where I trained vocally, and this is it! She is also AMAZING with children, and can help them learn to really perform a song. I highly recommend Erin if you want a fun, professional instructor, willing to go the extra mile to help you master your craft."

"Erin Fagundes Vocal Studio is like no other! Not only is she an amazing teacher but she is very talented. She works very hard with what she does and will get you what you need for anything like auditions! If your looking for a acting or singing coach she is the way to go!"

"Erin is a very dedicated, talented and great vocal teacher! My daughter had been going to her for 2 years when she has auditions coming up or needs to learn a new song! Erin is great at helping to choose appropriate songs for the auditions and getting them ready. I highly recommend Erin!!"

"My daughter took voice lessons with Erin and we were so happy with her services.  Most importantly, Erin is a talented instructor and I noticed significant improvements to my daughter's singing very quickly.  As an added plus, Erin is an absolute pleasure.  She's cheerful, fun, reliable and flexible.  I would recommend Erin to anyone looking for a vocal instructor."

"I had her as my first singing teacher ever! She was funny, passionate and very nice to me. And she gave me a free trial! I definitely would recommend her if you are into Broadway music, because that's what she is really good at :)"